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Let's talk about where homestuck.

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Therefore, making me sit through K words of a story I'm ambivalent at best about right now, and then translate them, is not the best idea. Next up, and I'm going to be honest with you here, I'm not the right person for the task of translating Homestuck, and I never was. For one, being acquainted with English-language media for so long, I perceive any attempt to translate it to Lithuanian as Cringe, and odds pažintys bendradarbio hr, even when I'm trying my earnest, said Cringe still persists.

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It's rather telling that instead of what should be the core aspect of the website, the translation of Homestuck, I instead direct my focus to fancy dialect generators, guides to the Lithuanian language and being obsessed with every other Homestuck translation project out there. If time allows, I will eventually try my hand at translating in the opposite direction: from Lithuanian to English.

However, the sort of stuff I find myself wanting to translate is dead tree books behind paywalls, not readily available Internet media, and the ways I publish the translations will need to be chosen accordingly.

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That being said, I would just hand off the domain to someone who's both competent and willing to bring Homestuck to Lithuanian without being as idiosyncratic about it as I was, were it not for two tiny details: 1 I don't think such people even exist out there; finding more than a handful of Homestuck fans in the country is a chore, and to this date, I have not met a single one IRL 2 There is no way to guarantee, once I do moteris įstrigo kamino online dating off the domain to Aspiring Translator X, that they, in the long term, will allow me to keep my unique email address At any rate, the jobs that await if the website is ever to be properly updated are: 1.

The translation effort needs to be restarted, again 2. Potentially, not even the term translations I came up with for the Consistency Check can stay; some of them are good, but not all of them and Cringe is to be found 3.

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The website needs to be given a makeover to actually match homestuck. TL;DR: this domain and the translation effort is up for grabs, given we me and Aspiring Translator X can work out all the details.

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